Panama Renewable Solutions has the client financing, the suppliers and the installers all in place, and you get immediate savings with no capital investment required.

SOlar ownership

The price of solar panels has dropped significantly.  We are committed to proposing a solution that works within your budget, allowing you to pay for the project with no downpayment or out-of-pocket expenses, while seeing a positive cash flow throughout the project's life.

An investment in solar energy is a viable way to mitigate risk from conventional fossil fuel price fluctuations.  As more and more coal, fuel oil and nuclear power plants are being shut down due to high operating costs and environmental
concerns, the price of electricity from the grid has, and will continue to increase, further increasing your solar array's value.


Under a solar lease financial model, the business or property owner acquires the solar array via a capital or operating lease.  These financing methods are quite common for businesses that prefer to deploy their capital in other areas of their business. 

Third-party investment firms have also emerged and are working with businesses and private residential owners to provide both loan and leasing products, as well as access to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).