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Over 200 Installations Built and Operated across North America


Solar energy Solutions for latin america & the caribbean

Both Panama Renewable Solutions (PRS), and its sister company LATAM Renewable Solutions (LRS), are associate companies of several of the leading full-service commercial and residential renewable energy companies in both the United States and Canada, representing a large installed portfolio of hundreds of renewable energy systems which have been designed, developed and installed for clients, or that are currently owned and operated for their own benefit. We now offer that extensive state-of-the-art experience and knowledge throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.  

Panama Renewable Solutions can save you substantial monies currently spent on energy from the grid, or even make your dream project come true by removing you completely from the grid with a hybrid solar, battery and generator system.  Choose your favorite energy source and we can deliver power to your business or your residence.  We will work with you throughout the feasibility assessment to determine which financial solutions are most appropriate for your long-term success.



Has built hundreds of solar systems across the Americas.
Can provide sources and help with upfront short-term financing & very attractive long-term financing from 10 to 25 years requiring no downpayment!
Can design a system that provides positive cash flow the very first year with savings of up to 50% of what you are paying today.
Can provide a long-term warranty on main components of up to 25 years.
Can provide the latest in battery backup technology.
Can help you select and install the most technologically advanced, efficient and cost effective standby or continuous backup systems ranging from generators to mini-turbines.

Fixed economical

Forecast the cost of your energy for more than 20 years


Free yourself from the volatile pricing of fossil fuels


Be a part of the renewable energy revolution
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Fixed Economical Energy Costs
- Predictable For Years To Come

Some electricity rates have risen over 70% in the last 10 years and they do so in a volatile and unpredictable way, making it difficult to budget year over year.  With solar, not only is it much more economical, but the cost is fixed so you can accurately forecast the cost of your energy use for more than 20 years. The equipment has very few moving parts so it is virtually maintenance free and incredibly resistant to damage from hurricanes and other major weather events.

Energy Independence

Solar energy is clean, renewable and abundant. When you invest in solar energy you are no longer tied to the volatile price of fossil fuels and free yourself from dependency on your local utility and foreign oil.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Being “Green” is philosophically attractive to many property owners who want to be part of the renewable energy revolution.  Whether your reasons are financial, driven by a reduced carbon footprint or purely philosophical, demand for clean renewable energy is real and growing.  Due to current incentives, solar energy is generated at a significant discount to normal utility grid rates and is independent of the grid itself, which reduces the property owner’s reliance on carbon-based fuels.

Comparison between going solar or staying connected


Cheap fixed price
Clean energy
PV Systems are as
reliable as the sun
Environmentally friendly,
no noise, no moving parts
and no emissions


Expensive volatile prices
depending on fossil fuel
Carbon footprint
The grid is vulnerable to
major natural disasters
(Puerto Rico is an example)
Usually generates harmful emissions